James Fucetola

Attorney at Law


ames Fucetola is an experienced attorney of the highest caliber and his track record proves it. James has tried more than 80 cases including cases involving serious injury and death. For many years he managed experienced attorneys. He has traveled the country training other attorneys in personal injury trial practice. He has also worked as a Judge Pro Tem.

Before working with Brett, James was the lead attorney in charge of law offices in Washington and Arizona for one of our country’s largest insurance companies. He now helps Brett manage Brett’s office and limits his practice to only representing the seriously injured.

Born in Maryland, James obtained his bachelor’s degree in 1995 from Seattle University where he was a collegiate athlete. James then graduated from University of Baltimore School of Law in 1998 where he was recognized with a prestigious appointment to serve as an editor of a law journal.

Following law school, James served the citizens of Washington as a Prosecutor. As a Prosecutor, James learned the art of trying cases, trying dozens of serious criminal cases. He was quickly recognized as one of the top young trial attorneys in the Seattle area.

In 2003, James was recruited by Progressive Insurance Company to defend injury cases. James quickly advanced within the organization to become a Managing Attorney. As a Managing Attorney, James was responsible for overseeing all cases and managing and training attorneys in a Seattle area office.

James then accepted another promotion which brought him to Arizona, where he managed Progressive’s Phoenix office and was responsible for overseeing and training all Progressive attorneys in Arizona.

James joined Brett after his former office was involved in a case against Brett’s client. During that case, James saw first-hand the level of expertise and courtroom advocacy Brett provides his clients. Ultimately, James concluded that his experience would be best utilized representing victims of severe injuries. And, recognizing James’ passion, competitive nature, and legal acumen, Brett knew James would be an invaluable asset to his team. Together, they manage the firm.

James doesn’t take his switch to representing the injured lightly. Indeed, he recognizes the immense responsibility it is to represent seriously injured. He recognizes that their burden (and their family’s burden) is a tremendous burden to bear. Because of it, and with conviction, he knows it is his job and moral obligation to do the most for the firm’s clients. James always, and tirelessly, rises to the challenge.

James is admitted to practice in Arizona, Oregon (inactive) and Washington (inactive).