The Problem With Attorney Advertising

And Can It Be Trusted?


ince his admission to the practice of law, Brett Slavicek has never run an ad in any publication. He is not even listed in the yellow pages and this website is not search engine optimized to fish for clients. Until 2008, Brett never even maintained a website at all. However, with the advent of the internet and excessive attorney advertising and marketing (in some legitimate and in our view more often illegitimate ways), the desire to explain the problem of attorney advertising prompted this page.

Please note that this website is not intended at all to fish for new clients or to direct clients to us; quite to the contrary, all of our cases come to us by referral. This website is meant merely for biographical purposes. You will see from reading this website, that Brett has not listed a bunch of hollow or overstated accolades and awards and he does not pay money to be “awarded” certain certificates or “high” ratings to add to his resume as so many average lawyers do to present themselves as something special. He does not join with other attorneys in creating important sounding groups so they can award each other hollow and over-emphasized titles. He does not willingly participate in lawyer marketing and advertising sites, although his name appears throughout the web in such contexts, presumably for people looking to get information on Brett to be distracted away to some other lawyer that markets through those referral websites.

Please click here to see a recent example of the games advertisers and attorneys play in the form of an offer for Brett’s firm to be listed as “The Best” of Phoenix and to “Use the Best of Phoenix badge for an entire year” with a yearly payment of $199.  For other examples, simply drive down the I-10 south of Phoenix and see how many advertising lawyers on the billboards claim to be the best.  “The Best” is something advertising attorneys purchase, not something they earn.

The point of all of this is that we believe it is very important for the seriously injured to make good decisions about who they choose for their lawyer. And, candidly, we are frustrated at the proliferation of garbage on the internet where lawyers with mediocre track records purport to be something fantastic with one meaningless award or title after the next, or “rank” higher than where they really should just because they pay and participate in those “marketing” sites. Most of these lawyers have never tried a case.

We hope this website provides helpful information in the prospective client’s quest to find the best attorney for their circumstance.